About Us

I am an avid collector of action figures from Star Wars Black Series to Marvel Legends, and as you all know when the collection becomes out of control and cluttered to the max! We all start to work on our display. And as closer and closer our figures get to make room for new ones, they start to really make an avalanche of falling figures possible lol! I can't tell how many mornings I woke to a absolute mess on the floor...
This started my interest in buying and research of stands... Unhappy with what was available with stands being too big and clunky or always unavailable I almost gave up. Until my 3d printing experience kicked in and I started to design my own! And Tosche Station Emporium was born!
I now have my entire collection converted to my stands and I couldn't be happier AND I'm always trying to create stands for ALL lines and foot hole sizes! I cannot be happier with the response my stands are getting, Thank you ALL for al the support and making this store possible!
If You like to check out more images and stories our Instagram is updated almost daily!